About Inceptum

INCEPTUM is a software and coaching tool that help you make a business plan.

INCEPTUM was founded in 2005 by Frank Gielen, PhD and Bart Clarysse, PhD. It is a spin-off of IBBT and the University of Ghent (Belgium). We have offices in Ghent and London.

Prof. Dr. ir. Frank Gielen has extensive experience with R&D in the telecommunication and software technology sector as well as in raising venture capital, university-industry collaborative research and spin-off creation. He has held a number of technical and management positions in the software industry. He started as a software architect with AT&T Bell Labs in the USA and was director of software technology at Alcatel. In 1998 he joined Tellium, a US based startup company in optical network technology, as the VP of Software Engineering. Tellium had a successful IPO on NASDAQ in 2001. He returned to Europe in 2001 as the CEO for Tellium EMEA. In 2002 he founded Spinnovation, a management consulting company for high tech startups. Spinnovaton is responsible for dealflow generation, capital raising activities and hands-on interim management activities for the newly created spin-offs. In addition, he is professor of software entrepreneurship at the university of Ghent.

Prof. Dr. Bart Clarysse lectures Innovation and entrepreneurship at the university of Ghent, the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and Imperial College London. Additionally to his academic career, through which he published in different international journals, he is also founder of two innovative start-ups. In 2001, he founded Vlerick Venture Coaching, of which he is partner. He is scientific director of the Gate2Growth knowledge network on innovation, finance and entrepreneurship that finances and performs scientific research in this domain, and that organises doctoral workshops. His domain of expertise is in innovation-strategy.

Prof. Dr. Mirjam Knockaert is doctor in applied economic sciences. She has gained experience as an auditor with Ernst & Young, and joined the finance department of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in 1999. Since 2001, she is linked with the Vlerick Venture Coaching as a senior finance expert. Additionally to her commercial career, she obtained a Ph.D about the selection and portfolio management of venture capitalists in Europe. Her expertise is in innovation financing.

Kristien De Wolf has law degree. She started as a legal council and HR-manager at the IT-company Selligent. Afterward, she became partner-consultant at Vlerick Venture Coaching and freelance consultant at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Since 2000, she has been cooperating at multiple research projects and consultancy projects, most of them focussed on growing SMEs. She played an important role in the development of methodologies and programs particularly developed to support innovative companies with their professionalization. Her expertise is mainly in the human capital aspects of innovation, business development and market analysis with the introduction of innovative products and services.

Dr. Ir. Els Van de Velde graduated as a civil engineer and has a PhD in Innovation Management. Since 2001, she has been involved in several research projects and consultancy projects on technology transfer in a university and corporate environment. She has been a consultant for the OECD, being responsible for the case studies in the Open Innovation and Globalisation project entailing 56 cases from 13 countries. She has been the manager of the Policy Research Centre “Entrepreneurship, Enterprises & Innovation and project leader on several projects on Open Innovation. Her expertise is in technological innovation, open innovation and technology commercialization.

Erwin Raeds, has a master in telecommunication. He has 25 years of experience in HiTech R&D, Product and Quality management, in the domain of digital hardware and software solutions for consumer electronic products. He started as developer and evolved via development and quality manager towards innovation program director. Over the last years he focused specifically on User Interfaces and Interoperability (inclusive standardisation). His expertise lies in business development through institutionalizing of the ‘Requirement Management ‘ profession within a big multi-national with as major goal of capturing the consumer expectations into products. He is currently active as freelance in innovation management (product/service and processes) and new business development.

Johan Bruneel holds master degrees in Industrial Sciences and Business Economics. He is Doctor in Applied Economics, Ghent University. He was a visiting scholar during his Ph.D. at Marshall School of Business and Imperial College Business School. In his Ph.D. he examined internationalization strategies of technology-based ventures and the performance implications of going international. He also studied the growth trajectories of high growth ventures focusing on the interrelationship between environmental contingencies and firm resources. Johan is specialized in international entrepreneurship and commercialization strategies of new technology-based firms.

Annelies Bobelyn obtained a master in applied economics option accountancy from the Ghent University. After graduating, she joined the department Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ghent University to work on her Ph.D, in which she studies the acquisition process of young technology-based firms. She focuses on the perspective of the target and investigates how young technology-based firms should prepare themselves for a successful exit by trade sale. Besides her academic work, she gained experience in the coaching of high-tech start-ups, in particular the coaching of financial planning and valuation.

Matthias Priem has en engineering degree. After graduation, he worked for a number of years at the Ghent University, dept. of Information Technology and is currently head of ICT at IBBT, a Flemish institute for software research with a strong focus on both user driven design and valorisation and business development. At Inceptum, he is responsible for the information architecture of the application, analysis, usability and implementation.